Professional Development Workshops

Fairfield Photography’s Mike Price Cr.Photog., is a PPA Photographic Craftsman and holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Science in Systems Analysis from Miami University as well a Masters in Business Administration from Franklin University. He is committed to lifelong learning for himself and those around him that want to excel in their careers.

Mike offers coaching, mentoring, speaking engagements, and workshops in the following areas:

  • Corporate headshot workflow and business techniques
  • Effective management of your small business
  • In-person sales
  • Photoshop workflow automation and speed
  • Introduction to videography for photography professionals
  • Effective use of Photo Mechanic for high speed image culling and organization

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Headshot Pro StanceMats

Get your headshot clients standing in the correct position each and every time with Fairfield Photography’s Headshot Pro StanceMats. Save time explaining where the subject is to put his/her feet. Have them stand on the Headshot Pro StanceMat and start shooting sooner! Each Headshot Pro StanceMat is customized to your brand, logo, and color specifications.

Learn more about Headshot Pro StanceMats and order yours HERE.

Recommended Software Tools and Plug-Ins

Pixnüb Software Plug-Ins

Pixnüb Software plug-ins have revolutionized the speed and quality of green screen image extractions. Add to that Face Crop, a one-of-kind tool that uses facial recognition to resize all images in a batch to a consistent face size and crop proportions so all of your images have the same sized faces along with consistently placed eye-line for fast, consistent headshot and group composites.

Simple Photo Share

Simple Photo Share does exactly what the name says — easily and quickly take images on your computer as you shoot them and transfer them to a simple web interface that customers can select their favorite pose(s) and then either text them or email them. The email delivery offers tremendous customization so you can highlight sponsors, upcoming promotions, or other services you offer. Pricing for Simple Photo Share is for a 24-hour image upload period (downloads are free). Get a FREE 24-hour event credit with the referral code “MikeSentMe”


ProSelect is the gold standard for in-person sales. Whether you are in your studio, on location, or in your client’s home, ProSelect is the must-have tool for organizing images, helping clients choose their favorite images, show the images in frame styles, books, or on their own wall. With ProSelect Pro, you get the “Watch Folder” feature Mike uses to display and organize headshots on the fly with clients.

Recommended Gear Available on Amazon

Fairfield Photography is committed to supporting and improving the professional photographer.  Support your local camera store first! If you can’t find what you want there, take a look at the major mail-order photography store retailers and then Amazon.

Some of the products we use and highly recommend include: