“The View from Above”

Capture images from a fresh perspective.  Our aerial image not only have “attitude”, but also “altitude”!

Commercial Photography and Videography

Our trained, FAA Part 107 certified and insured pilot can create the images you need to illustrate your commercial property.  We also can fly indoors to capture warehouse or large commercial/industrial spaces that ground-based photography just can’t capture.

Aerial photography/videography projects start at just $350 and are based on time for pre-flight planning, flight time to capture images, and amount of post processing required for delivered images.

Please contact us so we can help you scope your aerial project.

Special Note: Any aerial project is subject to FAA rules and restrictions in place at the scheduled time of flight and are subject to change with out notice.  While we can usually request special permission to fly in some restricted areas, other areas may be off limits due to security, safety, or legal constraints outside of our control.   Further, outdoor flight conditions such as excessive wind, rain, snow, etc, can also impact flight plans.  Your Fairfield Photography pilot can help create a plan for your location and dates with contingencies as well as determine any flight restrictions early in the project schedule.

Aerial image of 4 story senior living complex exterior
Aerial Image of Library Highlighting New Roof Elements
Aerial image of engineering company office / laboratory garage

Let’s talk about your aerial imaging needs.

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