2020 Tough Enough To Wear Pink Horse Show

Images from the 2020 Tough Enough To Wear Pink Horse Show will be available here shortly after the event. Click on the “View Photos Hear” button below and enter your email address — we will send you a one-time email once all the photos are online for you to view and download.

Update: Monday 9/28/20 – 1:30pm.  We are back from the show and working first backup and secure all the photos we shot from the weekend.  We will then go through each photo and categorize it by class and horse name/number.  This will take a couple of days with our schedule for other clients this week, but know that we won’t really rest until everything is organized and online. 

Everyone should have photos and they will be available for free download later this week courtesy of Durango Boots.

Additional prints and other products available for purchase from Fairfield Photography.

View photos here