West Central School Yearbook Candid Photos

Help us create a great yearbook by providing candid photos for use in the yearbook.  Image can include:

    • “Learning at Home” for class work done during the pandemic
    • Special school events or activities like “Hat Day”.
    • Music, art, physical education actvities at home
    • Special school events that happen through the year where the yearbook photographer may not be in attendence
    • Other images that help tell the story of the 2020-2021 school year.
    • “Behind The Scenes’ photo of teachers and staff preparing or delivering lessons whether in-person or virtually via Zoom.

Please do not send individual headshot photos for the yearbook – we will get those from the school photographer.

What each photo category means:

    • “Learning at Home Photo Upload” – These are photos of students learning at home virtually.
    • “In-Room School Photo Upload” – These are photos of students in their classrooms with their classmates.
    • “In-Building Photo Upload” – These are photos of students in other parts of the school such as PE/gym, hallways, music, art, cafeteria, and such.
    • “In-Community Photo Upload” – These are photos of students out in the community for any purposes.
    • “General School Candid Photo Upload” – Got a photo that doesn’t fit in the other 4 groups?  You can upload it here for the yearbook!

Please Note: By uploading your photo(s), you give Fairfield Photography permission to use the photo(s) for the yearbook candid page without reviewing or approving the image’s use.  Fairfield Photography reserves the right to edit, crop, or otherwise adjust the image for the yearbook.  Uploading a photo does not guarantee publication of the image in the final yearbook design.