Pro Headshot StanceMats

Headshot StanceMats are designed to help get clients into the perfect standing headshot position quickly and consistently. The StanceMats encourage subjects to stand leaning forward, placing their weight on their forward foot and hip. This results in the subject raising and extending their chin — the ideal pose to lengthen the neck and tighten the skin below the chin! Your clients will love their standing portraits. You will save time getting your queue of clients posed up in the right place and right position every time.

Each Headshot StanceMat is 18″x30″ and produced for use as a high traffic floor mat. It has a rubberized, non-slip backing and a durable face that can be customized to to display your company colors, name/logo, phone number, website, etc.

We will contact you to once you have placed your order to obtain the customization information for your Headshot StanceMat.

Questions about the Headshot StanceMat? Call us (614-778-7673) or email us ( and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Save when you purchase both left-foot and right-foot forward StanceMats at the same time.

Order your Headshot StanceMats from Fairfield Photography HERE.