Heritage Elementary School

General School Yearbook Candid Photo Uploads

Got a great photo of the TGES school building?  How about some great artwork in the hallway or gathering in the gym or cafeteria areas.  These are fun photos that aren’t specific to any one grade or class but instead, highlight the school or assemblies overall.

When uploading photos, please use the LARGE (or ACTUAL SIZE) format JPG or PNG photo formats.  “Small” images, while looking fine the screen, will be too small to print in the yearbook.

Great yearbook candid photos share the following characteristics:

    • Fun, exciting, unique photos!
    • Plenty of light so students can be clearly seen
    • Shows student’s faces and not the backs of heads
    • In-focus and not blurry
    • The photo has interest — Students should be doing something, holding something, showing something instead of standing by themselves
    • Represents the school and the student well – avoid “signs” with hands/fingers or questionable phrases printed on shirts

Please note – By uploading your photos, you give Fairfield Photography, LLC permission to use those photos for yearbook print or digital display use.

Upload Yearbook Candid Photo


1 – Fill out homeroom, your name, and your contact information in case we have questions

2 – Click “Select File” and select the file to submit

3 – Click “Upload File”

Repeat for every photo to be submitted to the yearbook.

Feel free to contact Fairfield Photography with any questions on uploading your photos or photo usage in this year’s yearbook.