Images are now available!

Update: Monday 9/25 – 5pm ET. VIP flash drives of photos went in the mail today.

PHOTOS ARE ONLINE!!!  All 8,462 images have been organized and uploaded to the viewing gallery.  Find your individual horse ride photos by clicking on the “Individual Horse Ride Photos” gallery and either scrolling down to find the sub-gallery of images OR use the search feature and enter your horse’s show name or show number.

See our instructions below on how to download your free digital downloads as well as how to share them on social media.

Please let us know if there are horse images in your gallery that are mis-labeled so we can move them to the right horse’s gallery.

While you are browsing your F-R-E-E digital download photos, take advantage of this GREAT offer from our show photo sponsor Durango!!!  Support them so they support us next year.

Free downloads courtesy of Durango Boots again this year (Yeah, Durango) and are for personal use only. Show them some love at

Click on the link below and leave your email address with us and we will let you know when all the photos are processed and online.

Click Here – Tough Enough To Wear Pink Horse Show Photos

Additional items available for a nominal fee through Fairfield Photography. All images are cropped and exposure/color adjusted as part of the printing process for any purchased images.

How to download your photos…


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